Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Barn Yard Animals

This story might only be funny to boaters, but for non-boaters who think those “people” over at The Charleston City Marina are a bunch of stuffy “yachties” here’s proof otherwise.

During the long lazy days of Charleston’s summer, sometimes the heat gets the best of boaters. Marine radios are supposed to be used with a well defined set of rules and formality for many reasons, paramount of which is of course saftey. Every so often you'll hear the Coast Guard chastise someone who is abusing the hailing and emergency channel 16.

Such was the case one hot summer day when someone elected to “test” his marine radio by blowing into the mike. The “phoof phoof” was promptly replied to with “oink oink”. Soon there after “cluck cluck”, “hee haw” and a very faith “moooo” joined the chorus of animal sounds.

After a short break the “oink oink” returned and the pattern was repeted now joined by a crow’s “caw caw” and what could only be described love sick and really out of tune elephant.

After several rounds of animal sounds the Coast Guard finally intervened with the expected serious tone:

“This is United States Coast Guard Sector Charleston, ,..... will the Barn Yard Animals please take their conversation to a working channel".

The airwaves became silent and after a long pause... a short reply was heard:

“Roger That, Barn Yard Out”

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