Sunday, March 7, 2010

Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Saturday brought clear skies and warm temperatures to the Charleston water front as yachts Southern Comfort and Eurilla hosted one of more than a dozen events all part of Charleston's 5th Annual Wine and Food Festival.

Nothing like 50 guests and red wine on a yacht to get the captain's attention.

Top chefs from the Daniel Island Club, Duvall and New Dream Catering complimented wines offered by MacMurray, Lolonis and Bodega Sur de los Andes wineries, as guests were invited to tour yachts, Southern Comfort, Eurilla and Jennifer Ann.

Phillip Lolonis was a hit with the girls.

As with most charity events success is often in the luck of the draw. Southern Comfort drew Kate MacMurray and New Dream Catering while Eurilla hosted Duvall Catering and Phillip Lolonis.

Kate MacMurry and the author's wife.

MacMurray, famous for a very highly rated Pinot Noir is now introducing an excellent Chardnoay, owner Kate MacMurray is the daughter of actor Fred MacMurray.

The two hour event brought out 150 guests who paid $100.00 per person with the proceeds benefiting Louie's Kids.

Louie's Kids is a non-profit dedicated to the mission of fighting childhood obesity. Louie's Kids provides support solutions in cases where a child is in desperate need of behavioral, nutritional or specific one-on-one intervention due to being clinically obese. Founded in 2001, Louie's Kids provide individualized solutions in the form of treatment for pediatric and adolescent obesity. Louie's Kids has developed an individualized program, Fit Club to address childhood obesity in Charleston and the surrounding communities. Fit Club was designed to provide a free obesity treatment program for low income youth who are already identified as obese.

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