Friday, January 15, 2010

Charter Yacht Slang

As a crew member of a large motor yacht, I have found many words that describe everyday tasks and challenges.

Here are some on the more PG rated ones.

On the hill - Having your yacht on land in a boat yard for major service.

Captain Morgan – An intoxicated guest who needs to be watched closely while out on deck for fear he/she might fall overboard.

Splash – Putting a yacht back in the water after being on the hill. Use: “We hope we can splash the boat tomorrow.” Also used to describe the last know whereabouts of Captain Morgan.

Bimbo Pad – Any sunny area used by female yacht guests for sun bathing.

PC - in yacht speak means the Principle Charter, the person picking up the tab.

Mystery Guest – Normally a female friend of the yacht’s owner or PC who is not introduced to the crew for obvious reasons. Normally found on a Bimbo Pad.

Roger That – Used between crew members. As in ok or I agree. Never used between crew and the PC or guests.

Coasties - United States Coast Guard used as often in distain as in admiration and respect.

Dock Gawkie – Dockside non guests who ask endless questions about how fast, how much fuel, and stare into your shower window from the dock.

Britney’s Boat – The standard answer when a Gawkie asks who owns the boat.

Captain Stubing - A derogatory term used to describe a crew uniform fashioned after Gavin MacLeod’s white uniform on the Love Boat television show. A totally unacceptable uniform. Use: I would have taken the job but, I don’t do Captain Stubing.

Boat Bite - Unexplained bruises and cuts that yacht crew discover on themselves, never knowing how or when the injuries were acquired.

Nav-Gnat – A charter guest who repeatedly asks a crew member to see the yacht’s location on a chart computer. Similar to a small child asking “are we there yet?”

Nasties – Crew working dirty jobs on a yacht. Often used to describe certain crew members who are not to have contact with guests. Use: Get the Nasties out of sight.

Salad Bar – The vegetation growth on the bottom of a boat hull so bad that it requires a diver to clean.

I know I've missed a dozen or more comment to add as many as you like.



  1. Your post is really very interesting. I have learned a lot of sailor slang from your post. I never knew that there were so many slangs that people used in their yacht jobs.

  2. Your post is really very interesting. I have learned a lot of sailor slang from your post. I never knew that there were so many ways to be an asshole while using yacht slang

  3. What is the slang term for when a crew member starts a relationship eith the PC and moves her stuff back to his cabin...

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