Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Long Strange Tale of the Fishing Vessel Nanami Continues to Grow

The Fishing Vessel Nanami continues as a tourist attraction on Kiawah Island this weekend, and may remain there until at least Tuesday according the USCG Sector Charleston.

Photo: Melissa Haneline The Charleston Post and Courier

Meanwhile more details of the Nanami's long odyssey have emerged.

Before running aground on Kiawah Island the Nanami was rescued by no less than four USCG cutters off the North Carolina Coast.

Days prior to that, she was ordered to dock at Lewes, Delaware by the US Coast Guard.

It was during a routine boarding and safety inspection off the Delaware coast, that the Coast Guard found several safety and maintenance issues.

Also, while in Lewes, the Nanami picked up a homeless women Tina Edwards who helped correct Nanami's manning deficiencies (US Flagged vessels are required to have at least 75% US Citizens as crew. With a crew of only Nora Kim and US resident captain Greg Cooper, of Cape May the ratio was only 50%)enough to allow Nanami to continue, a choice Ms. Edwards would later regret.

Photo Gavin Braithwaite - Nanami at the City of Lewes public dock.

The Nanami left the Lewes town dock without paying her $980.00 dockage bill and then caused another $400.00 dollars in damage to the docks as her crew of clowns departed.

When the Nanami made its unexpected visit to Kiawah the crew told the Coast Guard they were on their way to a fictional Cherry Point, South Carolina. Now the crew claims Rockville, South Carolina was their destination.

The eventual fate of Nanami will no doubt be an auction or scrap as the cost of the salvage operation will be in the thousands of dollars, money that the owner Mary Kim of New Jersey apparently has no intention in paying.

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