Thursday, November 20, 2008

Barq Caledonia Docks at the City Marina

Crossing the James's Island connector this morning you might have noticed the very large three masted sailing vessel named Caledonia. Her proud blue hull at least from a distance beckons further discovery.

But up close the 245 foot square-rigged barquentine is not in such pristine shape. She's in need of some work, her hull is rough her flags well worn. The Canadian Sailing Expeditions web site shows a different ship, I'm sure from a few years ago.

Photos of guests enjoying their voyage in the Caribbean are scattered about the many web site pages. But there are no guests aboard Caledonia this week. While her web site shows an extensive list of cruise dates from November to March in the islands. The Caledonia has no plans to depart Charleston until at least February.

It appears the economic bust has hit the speciality cruise business as well.

Word has it that the ship will spend the several weeks tending to deferred maintenance items and other renovations.

Caledonia Specifications

Length: 245'
Breadth: 30'
Draft: 15'
Displacement: 984 tons
Sail Area: 17,000 Sq. Ft.
Propulsion: 1500 hp DeutzDiesel
Cruising Speed: 10 knots;
Passengers: 77

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