Saturday, May 17, 2008

United States Navy Warship "7"

I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed the 100 foot US Navy warship running through the jetties, and then on to the Coast Guard Station Friday?

She was making 14 knots and blowing a storm surge size wake. The massive wake that washed over the battery and the decks of the pipe barge working off of James Island prompted no calls to the warship just side chatter asking what was up with the fast moving wake blowing grey boat.

The VHF radio calls between Charleston Pilot Unit 1 on a container ship leaving the Wando Terminal and the warship was almost comical.

On one side there's the veteran harbor pilot with a smooth southern accent moving a 900 foot containership outbound and on the other side of the conversation is a very young Navy almost cracking male voice replying with the hubris of "I'm a United States Navy Warship" and his arrogance was palpable as he barreled up the harbor.

The whole scene and radio conversations remind me of the old joke about the Navy Warship vs a lighthouse.

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