Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Person of Interest in Calvert Case Dead

A former business associate of a missing couple who live part-time on Hilton Head Island has apparently committed suicide tonight and left two notes, according to a news release from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

The body of Dennis Gerwing, deemed by the Sheriff’s Office as a “person of interest in the disappearance case,” was found today in the upstairs bathroom of a Sea Pines villa his company manages.

Top law enforcement officers, the coroner and the area’s solicitor converged on the Swallowtail of Sea Pines condo complex after 4 p.m. today. The body was removed around 7 p.m.

Gerwing left behind two notes that are being studied for statement analysis by forensic investigators with the State Law Enforcement Division, the release said.

The condos are managed by The Club Group, according to Beaufort County legal records. The Sheriff’s Office said earlier today that Gerwing, chief financial officer of The Club Group, was the last person to see the couple together before they were reported missing March 4.

Gerwing’s home, business and cars were searched Saturday by authorities in relation to the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of John and Liz Calvert, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office reported earlier today.

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  1. Maybe people such as the authorities should respect personal and privet property and emotions and behaviors before terrorizing homes and investigating harshly through personal belongings! This could have been a motive for the suicide!