Friday, January 25, 2008

The Post and Courier Blog comes to a Close

Sometime ago I started a blog on myspace. It was an “R” rated account of events and relationships in graphic detail and soon had a pretty large following of trashy novel starved single women, soccer mom’s and working girls. It even has comments from past girl friends some pro and some wow they hate me!

So in order to keep the family from going crazy I also produced a “PG” version blog over at Cedar Posts and Barbed Wire Fences.

Life Floating By was created at the request of the Post and Courier. Recently, the editors at the Post and Courier have elected to rein in the outside bloggers and so Life Floating By will move off the Post and Courier site to Life Floating By at

The Post and Courier experiment seemed like a good idea, have local folks comment on whatever came to mind, but the idea never got off the ground. I think there were 3 other bloggers who signed up.

But all is not lost, Post and Courier “” is still the best internet paper around, the reader comments are a great feature. I should know because I also write to the Charlotte Observer weekly in order to make Sunday’s print edition.

The good news is this allows me to divide the enjoyable waterfront stories from the rants and raves, and still keeps the “R” rated stuff over at where it belongs.

Another cup of coffee?

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